Anti-pollution absorbents: a complete range to protect from fluid waste

TechnoFoam offers a range of products designed to absorb polluting fluids and limit the risks of propagation. These anti-pollution absorbents are available in several versions: synthetic products, mineral products (granules) and plant products (sawdust).

absorbants anti pollution synthétiques

Synthetic absorbents

Synthetic anti-pollution absorbents are essential to channel the risks of emergency liquid pollution on your production sites. They come in different shapes (sheets, rolls, buns, cushions), dimensions and colors (to identify uses).

These absorbents are also distributed in intervention kits (bag or container) allowing the absorption of a defined volume (20L, 45L, 90L …).

The key advantages of synthetic absorbents in the industry:

  • They absorb all polluting liquids and prevent them from spreading
  • Superior absorption capacity
  • They contribute to cleaner, more secure work environments and allow business to be maintained
  • Destruction is done by incineration with a residue rate of less than 0.02% ash.

Anti-pollution intervention kits

Our kits include a set of products to channel the very beginning of pollution, including approved gloves and bags. Designed for multiple absorption capacities, the kits are packaged in a case or a trolley and are suitable for particularly difficult to access spill locations.

We also distribute anti-pollution blanking plates intended to protect general networks and prevent any pollution of pipelines during operations involving transfers of dangerous liquids (eg: tanker truck).

Anti-pollution confinement

Our anti-pollution retention systems take the form of polyethylene or steel tanks. We offer all sizes to adapt to the containers to be secured and this is a complete range for the storage of your hazardous and / or polluting products.

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