Absorbents for industry: impact protection foams

Our range of absorbent protective foams aims to protect industrial parts against shocks that may occur during the manufacturing process or during transport.

Our protective absorbents are available in different shapes and densities of foams, depending on the parts to be protected, and we can customise them by modifying the intrusions (U tulips or V) as well as the shapes by heat sealing.

TechnoFoam is thus able to offer tailor-made impact protection, perfectly suited to the shape of the parts to be protected. Our foams are available in different colors.

Polyethylene moulded plastic protectors

Thanks to their design and density, these absorbent foams protect all types of finished products against impacts.

  • Available in flat U, tulip U, cylindrical or angled designs with identifiable colors
  • Variable density from 25 to 65 kg/m3

Hard PE foams

Very economical and suitable for transporting fragile material, these foams pack and protect your products or parts thanks to a variable density. We carry out an upstream study and the production is made to measure in small batches.

  • Custom manufacturing, with or without adhesive, to adapt to all shapes and supports
  • Hard and agglomerated PE: density from 25 to 200 kg/m3.

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